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Food Intolerance Test


The Silvia Sagarra Food Intolerance Test


Score each question with: never(0); seldom(1); occasionally(2); often(3); mostly(4)


1. I need a cup of coffee (or similar) in the morning, or as a boost during the day.

2. I crave cakes, pastries, cookies, pasta or carbohydrates.

3. I find it difficult to fall asleep or I wake up in the night with anxiety and find it difficult to fall back to sleep.

4. I have mood swings and can take out my irritation on my family or work colleagues.

5. I lose energy by mid-morning or mid-afternoon and feel a need to eat to boost my energy levels.

6. My daily routine, and all my important tasks, consume all my energy.

7. I struggle to concentrate for long periods of time, in meetings or during conversations, or can't remember as well as I used to.

8. I can feel full after a meal but quickly feel hungry again and crave more of the same meal       that I have just eaten.

9. I struggle with skin rashes, acne, rosacea, or blotchy skin despite using expensive creams.

10. The joints in my fingers/hands/knees/hips, or other joints, are swollen and can hurt or ache with movement.

11. Even though I don't have other cold or flu symptoms, I have sinus problems or a sore throat.

12. After eating, I feel bloated, gaseous, or have other uncomfortable sensations.

13. I struggle with indigestion, heartburn, reflux, burping or bad breath.

14. My bowel movements are irregular, less than once a day, or can be painful/ difficult.

15. I suffer with constipation and/or diarhea.

16. The smell of plug-in room scents, perfumes, scented candles or detergents bother me.

17. I have headaches or migraines and usually need to take medication to alleviate them.

18. My tongue feels furry or has a white or yellow surface.

19. Although I control the quality and quantity of the food I eat, I can't lose weight.

20. My social life suffers because I'm too tired to enjoy my favorite activities.






If you have any of the aforementioned symptoms on a very regular basis please do not just dismiss it, accept it, put it down to age, or just label it as something you have inherited –




All the above symptoms have been resolved

through food and lifestyle changes!


 So, how was your total score?


 0 - 4 You are marvelous!


 5 – 14 Look into balancing your life a little by reducing stress through breathing

             meditation or yoga, increase your sleep by an hour,

             and CHEW, CHEW, CHEW your food!


 15 - 19 There is definitely food intolerance there. Look into your diet first.


 20+ Please ask for help with a naturopath, holistic doctor or ask about availability

        for a personal Skype consultation or Hangouts with Silvia Sagarra via email at


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