Silvia Sagarra

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- Natural Health Educator - Certified Gluten Practioner -

- Food Intolerance Expert - Motivational Speaker -

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This popular option for private consultations via Skype or Hangouts is a wonderful way to find solutions to your own health and help you to totally transform your life.


Each appointment is approximately two hours long and the first consultation includes some free tests which will need to be completed well in advance. This gives me in-depth knowledge about you so I can prepare your personalized guidance, to improve your vibrancy, vitality and total well-being.


Each two-hour appointment by Skype is $160.00/€150 and required follow-up emails included as well.


The next available bookings are being taken for December 2018


If this method of transformation resonates well with you and

you wish to book an appointment, please e-mail me with your inquiry at or

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Disease is not normal. To be sick is not normal. To be in pain is not normal. We are wonderfully designed to live healthy, energetic and vital lives. But, we have been convinced to believe that disease is just part of life and requires medical and complicated solutions. The most effective solutions aimed at the cause of illnesses are actually very simple when you know and get informed and educated about them. Most doctors aren´t much help either, I went from one doctor to the next and the next and the next . . . trying to find a solution, but the medications never addressed the real cause of the physical and mental problems and conditions.


If you are tired of being sick and tired, if you are not getting the results you want, it is time to take a completely different approach to your health because nothing will change with your health unless you take action now! Your health is in your own hands!


You can eat an anti-inflammatory diet and you will feel healthier and happier in the process. You do not need to suffer. You do not need to be sick. On the contrary, you just need the correct information, to get informed and educate yourself, and go, transform your life forever!


From now on you are responsible of your own health. Enjoy the empowerment that the right information and education bring-get informed and begin to take positive steps towards optimal health, vitality and great quality of life now and into the future years.  


- Silvia


Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your HEALTH!!!

"A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came to my recent talk in Barcelona, your messages of appreciation and interest touched my heart. It was wonderful to meet you all. Thanks also to the management for inviting me to do a follow-on talk for those who couldn´t fit in the room! What great teamwork! Here's to everyone`s improved health and lifestyle.

I hope to see you again soon." - Silvia  

(Bilingual in English and Spanish)  

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Be Well . . .