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- Natural Health Educator - Certified Gluten Practioner -

- Food Intolerance Expert - Motivational Speaker -

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“My greatest passion is teaching people how to transform their lives with the right education about the REAL GLUTEN-FREE way of living and with an easy system to follow and implement.” - Silvia

"Most of the food you eat is making you sick and the traditional method of a gluten-free diet from the majority of medical professionals is dangerous advice with devastating health consequences. I am living proof!" - Silvia

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I have been sick my whole life and after several surgeries I was told in 2006 that I had Celiac Disease. Following “expert advice” I went on a traditional gluten-free diet which was disastrous. In 2009, I ended up in a life or death surgery. I finally decided to take my heath in my own hands. I researched with more cutting-edge experts, I went back to school, and I embarked on a major health quest! For the next few years, I learned how to heal myself by choosing what I put in each forkful, becoming my own doctor and own chef! Creating my own method for healing myself took years of research, studies, trial and error. But I was totally determined and was able to totally transform my health and quality of life! I began testing my method with friends and family members first and the results were phenomenal!

Since then I have been dedicating my life to helping people to achieve their healthy, gluten-free goals and lifestyles, sharing leading information and scientific facts in a simple-to-follow process. My pro-active vision is to save people from living with pain, and unnecessary suffering by identifying and removing any obstacles that cause illness. Now, I am on a mission to teach and educate others to spread the word: that you can heal and transform your body to live a really healthy and anti-inflammatory, REAL GLUTEN-FREE LIFE! You can enjoy an outstanding level of vibrancy, love and satisfaction in your life if you feel better. If you ARE better!


My logo is a beautiful butterfly and I chose it for a reason. It means the physical, mental and emotional transformation of a person who falls chronically ill and lives like a ‘cocoon’.  Feeling sick, without energy, lethargic, and so physically and mentally exhausted that literally they cannot move around, play or enjoy life and with medications, for the uncomfortable symptoms, that don´t address the cause. They have a body that just does not ‘work’ anymore.


However, with the right nourishment (knowledge and guidance), this life in a cocoon state can be temporary. During this phase your body begins to nurture all the anti-inflammatory nutrients at the cellular level with the ingestion of all the necessary and essential nutrients, in balance, with good hydration, clean proteins, good fats, vitamins, minerals and low carbohydrates. With this, the body begins to repair all that was not working and addresses any unbalances and starts reducing and eliminating the inflammation.

Inflammatory, painful and chronic diseases are actually lifestyle diseases.

When we take out all the ‘junk food’, processed, sugary, toxic and inflammatory foods (such as gluten, lactose or fructose) and we substitute them with natural, organic, anti-inflammatory and alive food, AND we really learn how to re-adjust our fast, hectic, disorganized and stressful lifestyle habits into healthy, organized, and radiant ones, we automatically return to our natural state of well-being. If we give our body what it needs to work at an optimal level, our body will then naturally compensate, creating fabulous health and outstanding vitality, as you have never experienced before. Every BODY has this immense capacity for self-healing. We are designed and programmed to remain healthy and magnificent, on all levels, to our very last second in this world.


The most wonderful fact about the butterfly is that it does not share ANY GENETIC CODE with its previous cocoon state. We are new, like we are reborn into something so different that we do not recognize our previous state of illness. And this is how it felt for me after my transformation into a life of wonderful health and how it has been described by my previous and current clients.


I have been assisting hundreds of people who have been in such chronic states of illness (such as; Celiac Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic Migraines, Alopecia, Chrohn’s Disease and Depression, to name but a few),  helping people to transform into beautiful, healthy ‘butterflies’ that ‘fly free’ from any disease: healthy, vibrant and vital.


Within a space of a week to ten days, clients embarking with this transformational guidance feel a HUGE improvement to how they feel. Although we must allow a month for FULL recovery for every year of damage to our intestines, it only takes three months to reprogram bad eating habits. Yet most clients only need three consultations to feel empowered enough to maintain their new way of living because feeling good becomes the most important way of being.


Scientists and doctors show how, with every cell being renewed and replaced, we have an ENTIRELY NEW BODY EVERY SEVEN YEARS. There is a direct connection with the state of our gut and that of our mind, body and our emotions. What the leading experts are sharing with the world today is that the health of our gut is the foundation to healing the entire body. Yet it was almost three thousand years ago when Hippocrates told us, “all disease begins in the gut,” and “let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food!”

Thus, we emerge into a beautiful butterfly stage of existence and we no longer need to focus on healing; instead, our attention is now on living to our fullest potential, with endless energy, fantastic health and extraordinary vitality. Self-love and self-care is another benefit of the transformation and its practical application is an essential priority. To spend little quality moments for ourselves each day (from only 30 minutes a day) renews us so we can function better and be there for those that might need us. Now, we can also experience a totally new way of cooking and eating, WITH MORE CHOICE OF FOOD than our previous meals.



To live magnificently and enjoy life is our greatest wealth.


It is this simple and easy: we are what we eat, digest, assimilate and excrete at ALL levels. We are what we eat; physically, emotionally and mentally.


We have a choice; continue with suffering, until our illness debilitates us so much we are no good for anything or anyone, or, make changes to learn and empower ourselves back into health – and begin to love life again. Do it for YOU; you are worth it. You deserve it in order to feel healthier and happier. Nurture your body with self-care, which is the physical expression and manifestation of self-love.


Heal from the root cause. Transform your health and transform your life.


If you feel this is something you are ready to experience please look for information from the many sources on the internet. If it resonates with you that you would like to make the transformation with me, with someone who has been through the worst, someone who understands you and wishes to empower you with the knowledge and the tools so you can attain your own vibrant existence, please check out my consultations page or email me at

I will be honored to help you.


Best wishes - Silvia

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